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Patrón: Passion Keeps You Moving

How do you make a commercial with Formula One Racer Sergio "Checo" Perez for a market that's not allowed to remotely mention race car driving? You do a lot drifting and dodging.

Created with MullenLowe LA

Art Director - Ashley Bozeman

Creative Director - Victor Monclus

Script Translated 

Tequila Patrón and Sergio Perez present:


Passion doesn’t break or yield. 


Passion is powered by where we come from and inspired by where we can be – it drives us towards mastering our craft.


And it doesn’t stop there.


Because our Mexican passion has no end to what it can do. 


(True passion is proudly mexican)


(Tequila Patrón. Orgullosamente Mexicano.)

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